Looking For Work?

Mechanic Wanted 310J ( apprentices and experienced workers ok too)

Small group of guys in a big ugly shop are looking for someone new to join in.
No corporate stuff, just clock in and get the job done.

Like daytime hours?
Looking for a change of scenery?
Where your work ethic will be appreciated.

We've been around few decades and we fix semi-tractor trucks of all years, occasional trailer too.

What we expect?

You have experience working on big rigs,
( you can inspect and make a list for an MVI or no fear of changing a set of tanks, adjusting a clutch... stuff like that.

You have your own tools, boots, we supply the uniforms
You are reliable
And ask questions
Sense of humour
You like variety
It's an easy go atmosphere, where we don't hound you, you hound yourself.

Pay is competitive, but the more ya know the better it can be...

Bonus points if you are
a good welder
Fully licensed
Have laptop experience
Can whip through stuff when need to
Have a bike, hotrod, some kinda fun hobby

If you are a fab, bodywork guy, we are interested in talking to you. We do all kinds of fun stuff here.

Drop by and see Matt or myself , Harry.

Just need to know some of your work experience we'll answer your questions.

If you read all of this to end of the page well done,

just to let you know, we may not alwyas be hiring  but we are always on the look-out for good people. 

If you think you'd like to let us know or stop by and chat, we will take the time. 

If you had some choices in life that you wish you could change, no worries, everyone deserves a second chance.