Used Tractor Truck Sales & Service, since 1993

Good Used Semi's

We help our customers, find the perfect match for their work loads. If our current inventory advertised or going through the shop doesn't suit, we have  sources and experianced relationships give us an advantage on the comeptition. Call Chris today with your wish list. 416-236-2630

Service and Fleet Repairs

We understand the importance of getting a fast turnaround so we'll do outr best to get you down the road.

Custom Heavy Haul

Besides standard truck repairs from leaking air lines, wheel seals, lights, ABS, we can diagnose any Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Diesel or Paccar engine related issues. Licenced Mechanics on staff to get your yellow saftey sticker on your window. 

Why Choose Us

We'll Do Our Best


We treat our customers, staff and suppliers with respect and old school courtesy. We do our best to keep our word and our promises. This world is not perfect but we will take away the stress from our side at least.


Through our small family shop enviroment, we make simple and uncomplicated choices to get you down the road as economically and quick as we can.


We work hard every day for our customers, a great result and means our customers come back. We'll always try to out do ourselves. We are ready to help your business grow and come up with solutions that show off our decades of used semi tractor sales and service experiance.


Importing and exporting equipment across the border and back, knowing the weights and specifid regulations for not only Ontario but other provinces and the United States. We can help you when you are ready to talk about that next heavy spec tractor truck or trailer.