April 20, 2019
31 December 2015

Years Roll by Like the Miles

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A Family Truck Shop For over 25 years, we've seen the bad days and the good days. We're in it for the long haul and we'll treat you right.

That's how we stay in business for so long, word of mouth. we don't have the advertising budgets of the dealers, so we have to go the extra mile. Buying a used Peterbilt or Manac tridem drop-deck from CHN will be our only chance to treat you right and give you the chance to spread the word around. We must be doing something right for all these years but won't let that go to our heads. Its you and your experience that matters the most.

Our goal is to get you the right info, the right piece of equipment and sometime down the road come-on back to us. Pobody's nerfect, and we are willing to admit that, used trucks can have problems despite everything we do to make sure its done right. We'll work with you if something goes south just after you drive away, plus we have outside warranty providers to cover the motor.

Working in transportation is never dull, but we want you to have no drama when it comes to pulling your goods or gravel through the year.

No harm in checking us out sometime, check out the lot of used tractor trucks for sale and commercial trailers, drop by for a visit.

2005 and 2013 at old Kerr St. Location

We started the business on the Queensway in Toronto in 1993, then moved out to Aberfoyle in the late 90's. 13 years there and we have moved into Guelph and still going strong.


Mailing Address

CHN Truck & Equipment Sales Inc.

32 Monarch Rd. Guelph ON N1K 1S2


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Rub Rails and Crossmembers

“Quality Trailer Repairs” 

Free quotes offer a perfect opportunity to compare prices and see how we can save your cash. We do repairs to semi tractor trailer transport trucks, and commercial trailers.


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