April 20, 2019

Shop Apprentice 310T 310J

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We are in need of Truck and or Trailer Mechanic Apprentice. Imagine that...310T or a 310J job open in Guelph with daytime hours.

We buy used trucks, and trailers, we fix 'em and sell 'em, our specialty being the heavy haul variety. We only want someone with a safety minded and reliable head. You should have the basic of tools, be able to pull wheels, brakes (cam's and slacks), seals and bearings for a start. If you are a quick earner we'll show you all about the air brake systems and its selection of air valves. Electrical tracing and diagnosing requires patience young Jedi, but its all in good time.

We are a positive crew, and we work together, but self managing time skills are an asset. We do expect a realible person who listens and learns with safety and cost in mind.

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Jobs in Guelph - Welder Fabricator

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CHN Truck & Equipment Sales Inc.

32 Monarch Rd. Guelph ON N1K 1S2


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Rub Rails and Crossmembers

“Quality Trailer Repairs” 

Free quotes offer a perfect opportunity to compare prices and see how we can save your cash. We do repairs to semi tractor trailer transport trucks, and commercial trailers.


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