February 19, 2019

Little PTO

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1  Wet-line system add-on for your hydraulic trailer, PTO's are no sweat, let us know what you are hauling and we'll add the pump.

2  Add or remove an lift axle, pusher axle.

Frame strengthen.

Moffet kit installation, we can install to your liking, just need to know the specs and we'll give you a quote.

Add or remove van bodies, flat decks

6  Custom Chrome accessories. From a bolt on drop visor to a custom deck plate or tank wraps, we have the supplies and know-how.

7  Add steps, deck plates, storage boxes, moose bumpers and head-ache racks

We can customize the truck you want to be what you want.

Leasing Facts & Figures

You Have Choices with Financing Programs for All Types of Credit.

Being realistic on your take home and keeping track of costs is our advice.    

  • Your expected cost of maintenance on top of your lease.
  • Get a trusted lease provider - watch for hidden admin fees and commission.
  • Cash Flow - a lease payment plus truck maintenance should equal 1 weeks pay.
  • Talk to a bean counter, get the taxes figured.
  • One other thing with older equipment - an aftermarket warranty.