February 19, 2019

Just a Pup

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We have seen it time and time again, a decent trailer passed over because of its age. However if you replace the brakes, refurbish the air lines and electrical, its a workhorse. Some of the best deals can be had with a older trailer once we get through it. We frequently replace crossmembers, floors and rebuild a trailer for much less than a new 53' or 48' commercial trailer. Ask us for our best diamond in the rough, we may have just what you are looking for.





Leasing Facts & Figures

You Have Choices with Financing Programs for All Types of Credit.

Being realistic on your take home and keeping track of costs is our advice.    

  • Your expected cost of maintenance on top of your lease.
  • Get a trusted lease provider - watch for hidden admin fees and commission.
  • Cash Flow - a lease payment plus truck maintenance should equal 1 weeks pay.
  • Talk to a bean counter, get the taxes figured.
  • One other thing with older equipment - an aftermarket warranty.