April 20, 2019

Rub Rails and Crossmembers

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Do you have a commercial 48ft or 53ft trailer needing cross member repairs? Replacement dolly legs, head boards, work light installation, back up beepers installed?From trailer lights, barn doors, broken Wabash, Manac, XL, Benson, Utility, Reitnouer, Talbert, Thruway, Transcraft, Raglan, Titan, Wilson suspension bushings, air suspension, air-brakes or anything causing you grief.


Leasing Facts & Figures

You Have Choices with Financing Programs for All Types of Credit.

Being realistic on your take home and keeping track of costs is our advice.    

  • Your expected cost of maintenance on top of your lease.
  • Get a trusted lease provider - watch for hidden admin fees and commission.
  • Cash Flow - a lease payment plus truck maintenance should equal 1 weeks pay.
  • Talk to a bean counter, get the taxes figured.
  • One other thing with older equipment - an aftermarket warranty.